Award for Innovation and Inspiration

This award was established to recognize those individuals who engage in significant philanthropic or community activities that have a direct impact on the advancement of the human condition. Awardees have an established track record of multifaceted professional and/or community participation and are recognized by peers as leader in his or her chosen field.

Award for Scientific Achievement

This award was established to recognize scientists who are responsible for contributing to a significant, unrecognized scientific breakthrough. An awardee’s work is performed in a multidisciplinary field. He or she is active in sharing work with other members of scientific community to advance field or knowledge base and has acted as a mentor and role model for others aspiring in their scientific field.

Award for Artistic and Philanthropic Visionary

This award is presented to a high-profile personality in the entertainment or arts industry who is engaged in significant philanthropic and community activities. Awardees have a track record of multifaceted professional and community participation.