The Company Culture at AMF

Creating solutions that will improve mankind…

  • AMF’s company culture is based on what we can do to help humanity, and how we remain driven by a deep desire to change the world
  • AMF’s core system of values includes mutual respect for others, trust, integrity and loyalty
  • AMF applauds and encourages innovation, teamwork and continuous improvement
  • AMF fosters a unique environment where
    • An innovative corporate culture is maintained
    • Employees’ creativity, productivity and risk taking are recognized, valued and encouraged
    • The diverse world in which we live and work is always respected and celebrated
    • Employees apply the highest ethical standards, at all times, in their daily work activity
  • AMF encourages a healthy work-life balance for employees
    • AMF employees have access to an on-campus gym located at the renovated Southern California Innovation Park in Valencia, Santa Clarita
    • AMF organizes various fun employee activities including kayaking, BBQs, bowling, Ping-Pong and Frisbee-Golf.  AMF employees often ride their bikes on the many miles of picturesque trails and paseos in Santa Clarita
    • AMF’s internal Bike Club has won the City of Santa Clarita’s Annual Bike to Day Challenge in the Medium Business Category in 2016, 2017 and 2018.  This competition helps raise awareness about green transportation alternatives in the city

At AMF,  our employees collaborate on projects that challenge the boundaries of innovation, while always maintaining their sense of humor and valuing each other.