Senior DSP / Controls Engineer

AMF4SR Alfred Mann Foundation

Innovations For Commercialization

Brief description of job duties
Work with clinical team to design data collection studies. Supervise collection of sensor data. Analyze collected data and specify filtering and parametric detection methods. Develop sensor fusion and control algorithms. Reduce algorithms to energy-efficient C code. Perform energy-consumption and SNR analysis of sampling, filter, fusion, and control algorithms. Work with firmware engineers to implement sampling, filter, fusion, and control algorithms in product software. Apply engineering and scientific principles to the evaluation and solution of technical problems. Work closely with hardware and software engineers to create energy budgets, debug filtering and control algorithms, and to troubleshoot issues that arise during development, review the work of colleagues and provide constructive feedback, solicit the regular review of others for all work product. Work closely with all departments to ensure timely delivery of a quality product.

MSEE or equivalent.
Minimum 5 years’ experience
Strong understanding of digital communications theory, signal processing, and ADC / DAC systems.
Must understand spectral estimation, filter creation and performance evaluation, and SNR assessment.
Background with audio signal processing a plus.
Experience with C / C++ and Matlab a must; experience with Verilog or VHDL a plus
Machine / deep learning experience a plus.
Ability to meet deadlines and work in multidisciplinary project teams.
Excellent communication skills both written and oral.
Medical device experience is a plus.

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